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Profit is not the main purpose of the Renderhive project. Therefore, the Renderhive project does not charge any fees to the network participants. It has no control over the funds stored in the smart contracts. The project will not utilize any of the users' hbars in the smart contracts or escrow accounts in any way, especially not for participation in financial markets (e.g., by trading assets) or a similar risky form of income generation. This means that all hbars transferred from a user to the Renderhive Smart Contract will always stay under the ownership of the respective user and can be withdrawn at any time in the matter of seconds.
For a small income generation, the Renderhive project will operator own render nodes and may use the native staking mechanisms provided by the Hedera network. This enables the project to generate a (small) passive income from the hbars circulating in the network accounts and the smart contract via Hederas native (proxy) staking mechanism. The project will also accept donations from users and interested institutions that want to support the project in its mission.