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Network Fees

The Renderhive project itself will not charge anyone for the usage of its software components. It will also not charge additional fees on top of the render costs to make money. However, since it is built on specific Web3 services, it will pass the fees to the network participants to cover the costs. For example, everyone will need to pay the Hedera network fees to cover the costs of utilizing the Hedera services. For each message and transaction on the Hedera network a small amount of hbar is transferred to Hedera’s own network nodes to compensate them for their operational costs. These fees are also important to prevent malicious attacks and network spam on the DLT by making such actions prohibitively expensive. The fees are defined by Hedera alone and can change over time.
The cost of a message/transaction on the Hedera network depends on its type. Base fees for transactions currently range from $0.0001 for standard transactions (e.g., transfer of hbar) over $0.05 (e.g., smart contract calls, minting of a NFT), up to $1 to $2 for special services (e.g., the creation a NFT collection).
A detailed fee list can be found here.
The Renderhive project has no influence on these fees at all. However, the costs are usually in the low cent or fraction of a cent range and will always be transparent to the render hive participants.
To learn more about the Hedera network, please visit the Hedera website.