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All software components of the Renderhive project will be open-source and distributed under the Apache 2.0 license and MIT license. Following components are planned:
  • Renderhive Service App. The Renderhive Service App runs in the background of each node to enable communication with the rest of the hive, to exchange data, and handle payments. It communicates with the underlying Web3 services of Hedera and IPFS/Filecoin.
  • Renderhive Addon. A Blender addon that assists in preparing and/or processing render jobs distributed over the render hive.
  • Blender. Supported versions of Blender will be stored on the IPFS and pinned by each node. The CID of each version will be hardcoded into the Renderhive Service App (and Renderhive Addon) to guarantee that each node uses the same version of Blender.
The Renderhive Addon will not be part of the initial release, but will be added later to optimize the rendering process.