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Price Offers and Requests

Render prices on the render hive are calculated in USD per BBP. They will be chosen by the network participants alone and, therefore, will only depend on the supply of render power and demand for render work within the network. In other words, render nodes can freely decide at what price they want to offer their render power, while client nodes can freely decide what they are willing to pay to get their requested render jobs processed. Renderhive only provides a way to bring render offers and render requests together which have similar price targets.
This approach ensures a fair, self-regulating render price and enables a diverse set of possible market strategies for both render nodes and client nodes. For example, a render node may decide to offer render power for clients that need their render jobs executed quickly after submission. These render nodes will naturally offer their render power at a higher price to compensate the idle time and, thus, will only process higher-priced render requests, which are usually submitted by client nodes in need for a quick render. On the other hand, a client node can decide whether it wants to pay less and wait a little longer until their render job is processed or to pay more to facilitate the render speed. But a render node may, e.g., also decide to offer its render power for free or a very low price, supporting low-income clients in the spirit of Blender’s philosophy – empowering everyone to create 3D CG content. The opportunities are up to each node.